Q. What does the “dm” stand for?

A. It stands for whatever you’d like it to.  Unfortunately, everything you’re thinking right now has already been thought, and spoken aloud.  It wasn’t -that- funny then, and it sure is far less funny now.  If you do come up with a good one, e-mail me.  If you make me laugh, I’ll post it up here, and buy you a milkshake over the internet.  Seriously.

Q.  Why do you act like such a ____?

A.  I wrote this blog specifically to hurt your feelings, and try and ruin whatever day I’ve coaxed you into reading it.  I know that you don’t like when I act like a ____, so I do it specifically.  Glad to know you agree and are actively annoyed.

Q.  What’s with the damn flower?

A.  I like them.  It’s very simple.

Q.  Are you gay?

A.  Nope!  I like some gay ass stuff, like arranging food on a plate to make it look more visually appealing and Twilight, but the naked male body (to me)is a disgusting mess of levers and hair.  Not interested.

Q.  Dude, you’re definitely gay.

A.  Not even a question.  But stick around for the Frequently Stated Statements section.  Coming soon!

Q.  Why did you start gaming competitively?

A.  Games are cooler than people.  I was raised to be a very competitive person by my father, and gaming was a huge part of my life since I could remember.  It was a natural fit!  I started by attending local events at Gamer’s Heaven (Bayonne, NJ.  Deceased.) and Funcoland. (Bought out by Gamestop.  Alive in spirit.)  I won my first tournament when I was 11, in 1997.  Been going strong ever since.

Q.  Do you have a stream schedule?

A.  Not at the moment, but as I become a bit more steady in my PC gaming, I’ll be streaming at regular hours during the week.  You can expect sporadic Diablo3 streams starting May 15th!

Q.  What’s with the weird obsession with food/fashion?

A.  I was raised by chicks.

Q.  What is your least favorite stuff?

A.  Polo shirts, fast food, gamer girls who think Link is named Zelda, texting, black and white photography, My Little Pony: Frienship is Magic.

Q.  Rurouni Kenshin and Trigun are basically the same show!



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