Capcom is Wasting Our Time; Their Time.

25 04 2012

Real talk, I’m a fucking geek.

We know this.  I blog about gaming.  I actively spend Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday in small spaces with other dudes yelling about video games and movies.  I have my girlfriend playing Final Fantasy 7 as a stipulation for our future together.  Hell, I took a bus across the country to play Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

With this crap said, it’s still really important to tell you how much I love Skyrim, and Oblivion, and Lord of the goddamned Rings, and Kingdoms of Amalur, and pen and paper sutff…  I love fantasy.

Maybe I like Glee, too.

But, even with my love of all things fantasy, and despite my yearning to play this game:  Dragon’s Dogma was just bad, man.  I eagerly awaited the demo to be released yesterday, as I’ve been up-talking this game at every turn, given the trailers’ exciting style of gameplay and lore that we’ve seen over the past year, or so.  This was up all of my proverbial alleys, and I have had this pegged as a top five release for 2012 since I first saw the reveal in the middle of last year.  Unfortunately, after 10 minutes with the demo, I was just about ready to end my own life.  (Luckily the thought of the hellspawn kept me going.  Not Hell itself, but the minions of Diablo 3.  Oh, and I guess my family and friends and sfasnajfksn.)

Despite my initial hatred of the games boring, awkward combat, and muddled visuals, I begrudgingly trudged through both scenarios of the demo, as well as the character creation bonus feature that Capcom so graciously provided.  After over an hour of forcing myself to love this damn game, I found myself battered and bruised on the ground, panting for air.  Or angry that one of the games I had been anticipating so, so much was a total piece of garbage.  One of those two, I forget.

(While the Character Creation had decent depth, it was so laggy and slow that I could barely stand to care.)

I distinctly remember thinking to myself “Brandon, how can this stiff, awkward combat be created by the same company who oversees Street Fighter, Devil May Cry, Lost Planet, and so much more?”  I remember waking up an hour later with a headache, and no viable answers.

Then, I thought to myself.  Why in the Lord’s name are we getting a demo for this piece of shit, instead of a demo for Megaman Legends 3?  OH RIGHT, BECAUSE THEY CANNED IT.

It’s important to mention that a mere few hours after that inner monologue, the page at facebook: reached 100,000 likes, for a petition they’ve started to bring back Megaman Legends 3.

I don’t know what issues Capcom are currently facing, that they can’t find a proper direction to keep this going, but they need to get their act together.  I mean, Nintendo is one of my least favorite gaming companies over the last couple years, with their never-changing Zelda games, and sabotage of Super Smash Bros. Brawl, but I would happily take them over Capcom right now.  Nintendo at least realizes that people want to play their flag ship titles.  They pump out Mario, Zelda, and Metroid games nonstop, and for the most part, they all wind up at least playable.  They still cater to the fans.

Capcom’s flagship?  That shit sailed back in 1995.  Megaman?  Still one of the most popular characters on the planet, has had three canceled games recently, and has been excluded from the roster of Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two worlds, and its recent upgrade to Ultimate.  We see him in Street Fighter x Tekken, though!  As fat-slob-extraordinaire, Box Art Megaman.

“My other gun is a hamburger.”

Up until yesterday, I was cool with Capcom trolling their fans about this.  I mean, having Zero say “If X were here, he would have tried to talk things out first.  Unfortunately for you, X isn’t here.” IS HILARIOUS!  Especially when so many red-assed Megaman fans out there are pining over him to be in Marvel.  And for what, I don’t know.  He wasn’t ever good in either iteration of the VS. series that he appeared in.

But then, they released the demo for Dragon’s Dogma.  The demo that I had to push myself to finish.  The same demo that left two very distinct tastes in my mouth:

  • Wow, this game that I’ve been so excited about is just bad.
  • They’re making this instead of Megaman Legends 3.

While I have high, nigh-unpenetrable hopes for both the Devil May Cry reboot, and Resident Evil 6, I’m still worried about the direction that Capcom is walking in.  Alienating fans (even if it’s hilarious, a lot of the time) is never a good idea.  Fanboys feel an unbridled loyalty to game developers for essentially no reason, and by pissing them off, they’re just gonna flock to another company.  It’s like the gamer version of Reactive Attachment Disorder.  Not a good look!

But hey, you can maybe, almost sort of help.  Check this link out, pledge your like, and help tell Capcom we’re sick of them fucking around with the shit we love.  It’s time they stop focusing on how to milk every penny out of their fans, and start making games that we want to see.

100,000 was the checkpoint.  Let’s get half a million strong to bring back Megaman Legends 3.

As always, I want to know what you think!  Leave a comment below, and don’t forget to follow, and share on Twitter!




3 responses

25 04 2012
cris florez (@iCrisIntel)

damn is it really that bad i was also looking foward to it , the full release has to be a lot better with the slowness fixed

25 04 2012

RE:6 could be a failure like RE:ORC, sucks capcom just doesnt care anymore.

25 04 2012

Well, with the mixed reviews of RE5, I honestly think they’re going to put a lot of love into 6. They have a lot of deep story, and I think they’re going to make the play for the characters to carry the story to a new level. The world loves Leon, Chris and Wesker, and now with his son in the mix, only crazy shit can go down.

It’s just the matter of making the gameplay suit all styles. That’s the hard part.

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