A Great Day for Playstation Network!

10 04 2012

Playstation Network is generally poopoo.

Luckily, today has two releases that I really feel deserve every ounce of your attention!  Finally, after months of teasers, Skullgirls is available to the public!  Tournament player turned game developer Mike-Z and his team of ragtag well-wishers at Autumn Games are releasing their flagship title.  Skullgirls is a fighting gamer’s fighting game.  The game was designed with competitive play and balance in mind, which is a good thing, considering last month’s efforted release of Street Fighter x Tekken turned out to be a flop in the mind of the competitive community.

Patiently, the gamers around the country have been waiting for a new anime-styled fighter to really knock the community on their asses.  With BlazBlue not getting a large enough following, and no one in the world even knowing what MeltyBlood is, Autumn Games has essentially picked an open market to ravage with his beautiful, burlesque fighting game to be releasing into!

The game’s concept is simple.  Some hot/ugly chicks are fighting to get some magical item that grants wishes.  But, who cares?  It’s a fighting game!  The real premise is “Fight with hardcore bullshit until your opponent Ragequits.”  Luckily, the game’s netcode (GGPO) is so amazingly popular with fighting game players, and Autumn has done such an amazing job marketing this title, that you’ll have a ton of opponents to choose from after people start muting/blocking you for busting their asses.

Aren’t I nice, pretending you’re going to do well?

The game’s anime artstyle is complimented by a mix of oldschool, 1950’s style settings and steampunk.  Personally, I’m completely sold.  It’s beautiful, balanced, and on sale RIGHT THE FUCK NOW soon on Playstation Network!  (Editor’s note:  The game released early, and few people got on it before it was taken down.  It should be back up by 6pm Eastern!)  Those of us/you/them on X-BOX LIVE are just gonna have to hold that waiting to your chest until tomorrow, when the rest of the X-BOX LIVE Arcade releases are… uhh… released.

Now, what’s funny, here, is that a few days ago, I posted an article about how some game developers are borderline retarded. (Check it out, if you haven’t!)  Putting years of effort and love into a game, only to release it on top of a powerhouse, and get demolished.  And that’s a shame, cause when those companies eventually go bankrupt, we’re going to have less amazing things to play.  Autumn games didn’t do this!  Autumn rode the hype train from Street Fighter x Tekken, waiting until the community was weening off of it, and then BOOM!  RELEASE DATE!~

They planned well, ensuring the masses were ready and waiting!  Sure, they got lucky in the fact that SFxT wound up flopping in the eyes of the public, but they gave themselves enough time to get lucky.  They planned and waited long enough for the stars to align.  Genius move.  Now, it’s time to reward them by downloading their game, and shelling over some cash for it!  Skullgirls is available for download right this second on PSN, so hop the fuck to it!


Yes, I did.


“But Diem, what the hell is Persona 3?”

*Furious scratching*  Persona 3 was a top 5 RPG released during the PS2/Dreamcast/Gamecube/Sexbox era, alongside games like Kights of the Old Republic, Tales of Symphonia, Kingdom Hearts… fa;isubfasbf;aksjbfiausbf;a.  Words can’t describe the level of exciteme–  Wait.  Yes, they can!

Persona 3 is a game based on your decisions and relationships that you choose to grow throughout the game.  You play a character who is tasked with joining a weird organization of teenagers who shouldn’t be fighting monsters, who fight monsters.  To be able to combat the giant hulking deamons, these teenagers must release their “Personas.”  Think, The Matrix.  You’re yourself, but you’re a way cooler yourself.

Oh, by the way, to release your persona , you shoot yourself in the fucking head.  😀

But it’s not all monster hunting and Phantasy Star-ing dungeon crawling!  Most of the time you’ll spend in the game will be for running around the town or home base, or school, just being a fucking person.  Doing homework, going to stores, talking to cute ass girls.   The game goes by on a day-by-day fashion.  You get up, go to school, go to your extra-curricular activities, flirt with the plethora of girls in the game, try to make some friends, maybe talk to a robot.  You’ll have time at night to check out shops, and meet new people who will spill their guts to you after a few days of company.  And that’s where the game really shines:  The people.

You manipulate these people into being a part of your life.  Being a part of this journey that you’re taking.  Even the people who hate you for seemingly no reason will eventually turn coat, and delve into the darkest parts of their hearts to allow you in.

What makes this game so goddamn unique, is that all the while, you’re having the time of your life.

That’s right, you’re going to love doing homework!

But eventually, all the fun and games and being a person gets put on the back burner, and you’re forced to face the Dark Hour.  (Lamest fucking name.  You would think a group of hipster teenagers in fitted suits and vests could maybe come up with something not so shitty.)  The culmination of your month where you’re forced to literally pull the trigger, release your Persona, gather your courage, and delve into Tartarus– the game’s seemingly-endless dungeon, where you’ll find the deamons and darknesses that haunt every teenage showboat.  It’s there that you’ll be tasked with ensuring that the “Shadows” are kept in check, as during the Dark Hour, they tend to roam around and start controlling people, and doing bad stuff.  Basic JRPG stuff.

You’ll choose a team of four, and hunt around the tower, trying to get as far as you possibly can.  The dungeon has checkpoints every ten floors, or so, so you’ll be able to continue your progress as you get stronger.

Despite the nigh-mmo-esque amount of life you might sink into this game, the ease of play and rich character design are going to make your time zip by in a flash!  While the Thousands of decisions to make, tons of monsters to see, and a story that develops the way you want it to.


I could go on for days about this game, but this is a quick Tuesday what-have-you, and I’d rather much have you go, get the game, an experience the whole thing as fresh and unspoiled as I can!

The Playstation Network offers some gems every once in awhile.  Final Fantasy 7 can be found on there for 10 dollars as well; Suikoden, another favorite of mine is up there, as well.  Sony actually makes an effort for people to have an option to piracy.  Something Nintendo doesn’t do often.  Nintendo basically begs you to hack the Wii and download everything, with the offerings they lay down as tribute.  (We are the Pirate gods, we must be pleased or we shall pillage.)

But yeah, quick update on today’s goodies.  Go spend some money!  Both of these games deserve your time and  hard-earned (LMAO) cash!

And don’t forget to comment, and follow!




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