The Coronation!

7 04 2012

The King in the North Blog!

For too long, I’ve been putting off becoming a part of the already established world of blogging.  I’ve frequently made user blogs on other sites, but writing to increase the site traffic of pages I don’t own is counter productive.  I’m working for the wrong people, and it’s high time to start working for me.  I saw an ad on Google about how I could be making $15,467 a month from home, and when I clicked the link, I ended up here!

Lie.  I ended up getting a virus.  I wanted to reformat anyway.  It was a good reason to take off from work, though.  Say you caught a bug, and you’re going to spend the day nursing your systems.  I would avoid using fluids in your excuse though.  Lying to your workplace is not a good way to keep up appearances.

In the coming forever, I’m going to try and keep you up to date on the things I find to be visually, emotionally, intellectually, and physically appealing to me.  Luckily, anything that I deem even remotely usable or noteworthy (let alone wonderful) will be more than worth your time reading.  I’ll do my best to keep this blog from becoming inactive my a series of self applied shockpinch therapy treatments.

Largely, this blog will contain my facts about what I think is either godlike enough for me to write about, or horrid garbage that I must ridicule publicly.  Below, this here entry, you’ll find some of my previous blog posts from other sites (Unedited and unrefined); but as my inaugural post for my own blog, I think I should start by highlighting the current most godlike thing in my entertainment based life:

Everyone who isn’t reading or watching this book/show is a jerk.

A scant twelve episodes deep, and I’m more than hooked.  The tale of the rival families, pitted at the throats of each other in the political gamble for the rule of whatever Middle-Earth rip-off George Martin decided to name this land is absolutely enthralling.  Multiple on-going story lines have kept me at the edge of my seat* completely immersed in teh depth of the characters who have no problem losing their heards, or having their insides removed forcibly by characters with no names.

A inspiring, often times brutal, and even more often sexual trip through the lives of characters so completely real, you find yourself attached to them from the first minutes of the the first scene.

If you haven’t already started, then you should hop the fuck to it.  Luckily, you’re reading the blog of a guy who cares about people doing godlike things, like watching Television.  The same guy who will help you in your now urgent quest in catching up on the best show that’s currently airing.  If you are an HBO subscriber with your cable/dish provider, just head on over to the HBO GO website, and sign on in, and get started!  If you’re not, people are willing to get in trouble for no reason so you may watch things for free.  While it’s not legal for them to actually show these things, it’s super legal for you to watch the hell out of them. has a wonderful habit of compiling these mysterious websites into a handle little box, and arranging it for your viewing pleasure.  It’s piracy to show other people’s things.  It’s not piracy to watch pirates show you things.  Jump to Sidereel’s Game of Thrones page to start, or continue down your path to ever lasting glory and riches.

*Edge of my seat is a figurative reference.  I very rarely am not lazy enough to be sitting up.  Absurd.




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