SYGAS: “GREAT ________!”

24 03 2012

Do you know what the word “great” means?  For the sake of argument and appeasing myself, let’s get some help, to ensure we’re on the same page. defines great as:

  1. Unusually or comparatively large in size or dimensionslarge in number
  2. large in number; numerous
  3. unusual or considerable in degree, power, intensity, etc.
  4. wonderful; first-rate; very good
  5. being such in an extreme or notable degree

See those?  Those are definitions of “great.”  Like the word broken, the word great is spammed around like a middle school hussy, making everyone and their mother think they’re doing a good job with the mediocre bull**** they put forth for the masses.

Diem Presents…  Since You Guys are Stupid
Great Job/tournament/shoes/abworkout/etc

Everything can’t be great.  In fact, the mere mention of the word drives me up a wall and onto the ceiling.  I think it started when I was leading raids in World of Warcraft, and my ragtag bunch of retards and ragers would barely complete an encounter.  Cries of “OMFG GREAT JOB GUYS” made me want to take my skin off.

Like, really, what the hell was great about it. We’re a week behind on progression, we had wiped 35 times that night, and the skated by with an abuse of mechanics.  Seriously, it wasn’t a great job.  It was a terrible ****ing job.  It was only even considered a job because we completed it.  Not like we didn’t get lucky.   The fact is, the effort we put forth was great, but the outcome was ABSOLUTELY STANDARD, and at times, abysmal.

So why is it that everyone is so willing to accept this?  To relate to Smash, I’m gonna go ahead and talk about tourney hosting, streaming, and a few other points.   For instance:  Apex2012.  Apex2012 was great in size, scope, and numbers, but the execution on Saturday was poor.  The effort some of us put forth to fix it was great, but don’t let that deter you from the main idea:  Saturday was a ****show.  Not for lack of planning, just again, lack of execution.

But, what we could fix, and could handle was fixed and handled.  That was great.  And that’s what Juice strove for:  Greatness.  As we always do.  Concentrate is always a great experience for those that come or watch.  Time issues sometimes plague us, but that’s at the cost of making sure the stream experience isn’t great.  The experience should be extraordinary.

What sucks, is not many people in the world share this mentality.  They put together some bullcrap event, put on an ugly stream, and expect everyone to be thankful.

Hey.  **** you.

Today, I turned on a stream of the lowest quality I’ve seen in 6 months, and listened to three people talk over each other about scissoring each other and how everyone was a ******.  Maybe the TO wasn’t aware of these people making him look like a jackass, or maybe he was a part of it.  I don’t know and I don’t really care.

But a few people had the damn nerve to leave comments calling that stream GREAT.  That isn’t great.  Unless you mean the amount of terribleness that stemmed from it was great, but that should be clarified.   The point here, is why are we telling people who put forth crappy efforts that they’re doing a great job?  Hell, even an okay job?  I understand being polite, and having manners, but blatantly lying isn’t helping anything or anyone.

If someone asks you if they look fat in a pair of pants, and you say no, what is gained?  False hope?  A misguided sense of entitlement?  Tell them they look fat.  If they don’t like it, they can go to the gym, or continue not giving a damn like they have been.  Plain and simple.

Back to gaming, if someone asks how the stream looks, and it doesn’t look great, tell them.  Tell them that their 240 stream looks like a piece of **** 240 stream.  If they want to improve, they will have more motivation to.  If they don’t, then they won’t.  They wouldn’t have either way.

It boggles my mind to think that people are so ****ing sheltered that they can’t be told that the color yellow isn’t their color, that their DPS isn’t enough for them to raid, or that their tournament is a waste of time.  If you can’t manage to improve on what you’re giving to the public, then you have no right to complain or be upset when people tell you whatever it is you’re doing just sucks.

Pressing on, it’s just as annoying to see the caped crusaders trying to lobby for approval on other people’s behalf.

“Be nice.  You should be glad to have anything at all.”

Really, so if I had the choice to have a glass of orange juice, or malaria, I should be happy if I wound up with the malaria?  Don’t be naive.  That shiny white armor doesn’t sell for much, and what you do get for it certainly won’t be enough to buy you a friend.  Just because you think the absolute minimum is fine, doesn’t mean we all should think or accept that.  We should be pressing people to bring their goddamned A-game, every time.

Sure, sometimes it’s rude.  But rude is the only language some people think.  Sometimes, you need to get your hands dirty to have clouded people come back down to Earth.

Doing a mediocre job in anything you do is a waste of everyone’s time.

Saying something like “GREAT JOB” should be reserved for someone doing something we should define as great.  Throwing the word around to describe mediocrity is a blatant crime, and needs to stop.  Up the game, improve yourselves, and earn the great you’re seeking.




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