SYGAS: The God Damned Console War

25 04 2011

Once again, a huge debate sparks!  Instead of factual content in people’s comments, I see a lot of “AYO **** YOU, IM DA BESS, AND ITS DA BESS.”  This kind of sheltered thinking is of course going to lead us to idiotic thinking, and eventually killing each other for scraps of rotting meat.

Now, before I begin, I have something very important to note.  There generally isn’t a reason to pick a favorite.  It’s like picking a favorite Power Ranger. (Other than Tommy, lol)  Overall, it’s a pointless debate.  The fact is, each system contains exclusives, and that should be your primary concern when purchasing a game console.   Actually, you should be buying all of them, unless you have a means to play exclusives without having to purchase a specific system.  Perhaps through a friend, or some type of Rent-a-Center situation?

One of the biggest points, that in terms of exclusives, graphical power, and online features, Nintendo is currently lagging behind in a fierce way.  So, what if someone told you all of this, and you were like:  “AYO U RIGHT, LEMME NOT GET A WII EVER OR EVER PLAY IT CAUSE SOME SCHMUCK WHO BARELY UNDERSTANDS HOW TO BRUSH HIS TEETH OLD ME TO. ”

If you did that, then you wouldn’t have put the time into Brawl (Or to the same extent, Melee.  the argument transfers to last gen.) that you have, and for many of us, that would mean a huge part of our life would be missing.  And while I hate a lot of you, I wouldn’t trade the world for some.  What this proves to me, that even though the Wii is… Well, shit in comparison to the others, the GAMES on it made the difference.

For the remainder of this article, I’m going to mostly exclude the Wii from discussion, as it really isn’t a part of the console war much these days.  It has a very defined, and dedicated market, and there is no need for an argument.

Diem Presents…  Since You Guys are Stupid
The Goddamned Console War


When choosing to buy between the XBOX360 and PS3, there are a few questions you should ask yourself before considering a purchase.  What I’ve done, is I’ve broken some of the questions down, and have given a point value to answers, to better gauge what console could be right for you.

*THIS IS IN NO WAY TO BE CONSIDERED THE ABSOLUTE.  Most of what I’m going to state is fact, but that doesn’t change how you feel.*

  • Is online important?
  • What are my favorite Genres?
  • Do I intend to take whichever games I buy seriously? (As in, competitively)
  • Do I have any favorite third party companies?
  • Does Microsoft or Sony have exclusives that I’m extremely interested in?
  • Should brand loyalty matter?

Step-by-step, let’s run this:

  •  Is online important to me?

It’s been my experience that anyone who says no to this question is an idiot.  Online play has been a staple in almost every franchise produced in the last three years.  Online gaming as a whole has been around for two decades.  Hell, even console gaming had online play with products like the X-Band.

The real trick, is finding out how important online is to you.  The Playstation Network, while functional, lacks a certain je ne sais quoi.  Some really cool features like Playstation Home make the network fun, and the fact that it is free is a huge boost for a lot of people.

What sucks, is because it’s free, third party games suffer.  For instance, when Modern Warfare 2 launched, Activision had to use their own servers.  The network died for three days.

Now, 360 on the other hand allows all games to be played on Microsoft’s network, which has never seen a full drop outside of scheduled maintenance.

The downside is that XBOX Live costs 60$ a year.  A recent 20% price hike from it’s launch at 50$ in 2002.  You get what you pay for however; XBOX live comes with a comprehensive friend’s list, messaging service, and party chat capabilities that far surpass Sony’s.

If online is a huge factor for you:
+1 360
If Online is more just to play with friends and have fun
+1 PS3
Also, add a point to whichever system your closest friends choose to play on.

  •  What are my favorite Genres?

This is a very important question… Maybe the most important.  What do you like to play?  Both systems have a plethora of games available on both, but each system’s power/controller/network will allow you to play some with better graphics/control/ping.

Fans of sports games should be leaning towards PS3.  EA and @K nine times out of ten begin development on their sports games on the Playstation Dev Kits, and while changes are made to accommodate the 360, the Playstation still will have the graphics and feel most native to the game.

(This is done generally because it is far more difficult to develop for the ps3.)

On the other end, consider games like Call of Duty and the like are programmed and developed for PC.  The Xenos processor chip is much stronger in texture and lighting, making games feel much smoother on 360 if not developed for the ps3 specifically.

RPGs appear on both consoles, but the Playstation Network allows for newer gamers to get more a retro feel going, with Final Fantasy games, Legend of Mana and more.  The xbox live arcade has a bunch of gems, but PSN definitely wins in the end.  Especially when you count that most of the games PSN will allow you to buy are also transferable to your psp!

The trick here, is fighting games.  Every single fighting game on the market plays with much less slow down and tearing on the XBOX 360.  This has been proven multiple times.  What sucks, is that 90% of tournaments that feature prizes greater than 500$ are ps3.  It’s a complete toss up.

Most interested in Sports or Retro
+1 PS3
Most interested in Shooters or Party games
+1 360
If your biggest interest lies in fighting games, or any other genre, choose between Shooters or Sports/Retro.  If neither play a huge part, add no points and continue.

(To be more concise, this is taking into the account that if fighting games are your biggest, that you’re not playing competitively.  If you’re just playing for fun, neither ps3’s tournament usage and xbox’s more natural feel should matter much, as these only truly apply to competitive players.)

  • Do I intend to take whichever games I buy seriously? (As in, competitively) 

Competitive gaming has skyrocketed in the last five years thanks to companies like MLG and WCG.  A lot of aspiring gamers travel the world over to take part in international competitions for fame and prizes.

If this matters to you, you need to consider what games you’d be playing.

Like I mentioned before, most tournaments for fighting games see PS3 as their home console for the standard.  This means that if you’re buying a system to play competitvely, and the game is going to be a fighter, you should choose PS3 hands down.

Online play helps some, but generally, getting to know the slowdown in a game is extremely important.  Not to mention that if you’re plan on using a Fight Stick, you’d have to buy two to be able to play competitively on your own. (**** god **** **** ****)  If you intend to play on a controller (Or, “Pad”) then you’d obviously want practice with the system’s controller who sees the most use in tourney play.

For shooters, it’s XBOX.  It’s not even close, there is no discussion.  No top level tournament uses PS3 for shooters.  The controller is widely accepted as pure crap for all FPS.  No contest.

Racing games, it’s hard to say.  While Gran Turismo offers the best racing experience on the market,  the game you see the most at top level play is Need for Speed, which is usually played on XBOX.

Madden, NBA Live, and all over major sports franchises see the most tournament play on the PS3.  If you’re a fan of the never-ending football franchise, this should be a no-brainer!

If you strive to be a tournament level fighting game or Sports game player:
+1 PS3
If you strive to be a tournament level FPS or racing game player:
+1 360
If you don’t plan on taking a game competitively, add no points and continue.

  •  Do I have any favorite third party companies?

*This Section Provides no points on its own, and is here as food for thought.

While most games see multi console use, it’s important to recognize that video games are still a business.  Companies will constantly buy and sell rights to downloadable content, and show favoritism.

Most recently,  buyers of the 360 version of Mortal Kombat were promised with a FREE downloadable character than PS3 users would have to pay for.  Oh, but the PS3 got Kratos.  An entire extra character just because you have a console.

Things like this are extremely common nowadays.  That and releasing games earlier on one console, or having to port to another years down the line.

What is most important here, is seeing if companies only release games on a certain system, or if they release the games earlier.  For instance, Square-Enix released a few games only on the 360 (nothing to harp about) but have multiple times released games much earlier on PS3.  Star Ocean 4, for example, had exclusivity on 360, but then PS3 got the extended version!

*Feel free to add points to a console if you feel your favorite companies show major bias.  It is far too much for me to calculate and research.  :3

  • Does Microsoft or Sony have exclusives I’m extremely interested in?

Little Big Planet
Metal Gear Solid 4
God of War
Gran Turismo

Gears of War
Mass Effect
Left 4 Dead

These game series are not only famous for being some of the best games available this gen, but are also completely exclusive to either ps3 or 360.  (Sans PC ports.)

RPG Powerhouses Fable and Mass Effect, and Shooter bliss titles like Halo, and Gears of War are what shows off the XBOX 360 so well.

But Insane action like God of War, and Uncharted melded with the brilliance of MGS4 and the  playful endlessness of Little Big Planet make a home monster’s dream console.

Genres are everywhere, and while they help people decide on what new things to try, these games are all famous for breaking the mold that most others struggle even to fit into.

Add .5 points for any exclusive game on this list or that you can find.  Add 1 point if it’s a game you’re absolutely dying to play.

  •  Should brand loyalty matter?

No, stop being a ******.

-5 points to the system you’re not fanboying if you wanna be a pansy, and go buy the one you’re all gay about.  that and tell me after you do it so I can block you for being a closed minded crapface.

In the end, the only correct course of action is to buy all of the systems available to you.  It sucks that we have to choose, but in the end, that competition forces a better product.  You should be thrilled that we get so many choices and so much to think on rather than having one thing shoved down our throats.

Add your points up, and see what came out on top!  If it’s the system you were leaning towards, then maybe your gut was right.  If it wasn’t at least you have something to think a little more about.  I know not everyone is gonna have the bread to buy 1500$ worth of games and consoles in a year or two, so it’s understandable if you have to choose.

At least try and make an informed decision!  Again, this is a guideline!  Maybe you’ll come out 7points to 0 in favor of PS3, but you still really want a 360.  you can always sell it on craigslist, E-bay or right back to Gamestop!

Just, try and open yourselves up to new things, and stop being such bitches.




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