SGYAS: Diets, ingredients, and organically produced product!

21 02 2011

A ton of discussion on food has been going on recently.  While I usually love those kinds of chats, people are spouting horrible nonsense, leading people in to unhealthy decisions.  A lot of smash players in the last two years have really bettered themselves physically.  Players all around the country have made drastic changes to their diets, and exercising habits to improve their way of life.  A lot of that stems mainly from self control.  Obviously, making the right choices when eating and working out play the biggest part.  When it comes to you, you need to pick a diet that is going to match your life style.

Of course, that leads us to:

Diem Presents… Since You Guys are Stupid:
Diets, ingredients, and organically produced product!

The easiest way to lose weight, is a Vegan diet.  Vegans are restricted only to things that the earth gives us.  No animals, or animal by products.  With this kind of diet, you’re limited even from milk.  That ****’s kinda strict, and a bit too weird for me, so we’re gonna skip this.  If you’re a vegan, and you’re reading this, eat a ****ing Egg.  **** is godlike.

Next up, you have the Vegetarian diet.  This diet works great because it’s extremely low fat, and the fat you do intake (from foods like peanut butter) is good fat!  You’re still allowed to have delicious items like milk and eggs, but you’re still expected to keep an eye on what you’re eating.  Butter is still a huge no-no. (despite it being the best, most ****ing delicious no-no)  During this diet, you’ll wind up eating a ton of vegetables and breads, and while you’re limited, there are still some pretty awesome things you can prepare to keep the diet as close to a normal regimen as possible.

My girlfriend just turned me onto Kale chips:

While vegetarianism is a great way to live, but it limits the amount of food you have the possibility of being exposed to. icon_sad  I drive for hours for a great meal, and that part of my life I wouldn’t trade for the CHANCE at a healthier diet.  I say chance, because almost a third of what’s labeled as organic actually isn’t.  Vegetarians as a whole, if they were to consume the same nutrients as omnivores would wind up spending roughly 25% more money per year on basic groceries.  that sucks too. For those unknowing, organically produce product refers to the way said product came to be.  For instance, I’m sure everyone has had a laugh at a sign reading “Organic Apples.”  I mean, all vegetables are organic, as a whole.  What the label actually means is that those apples are grown, processed, and shipped without adding many outside influences.  Pesticides and other harsh chemicals are withheld, and the fruit is grown in soil still rich in the nutrients you think you’re getting with most supermarket fruits.

Think about how an aging controller feels.  After years of use, the sticks become far too lose, the buttons stick, and it just doesn’t respond the same way it used to.  But, because you’re a cheap ****, you continue to use it, because hell, you’re a wifi warrior, and that ladder isn’t going to play itself, amirite?

Well, large corporations are basically the same.  They use and reuse the same soil year after year until the ground is dry, and void of any nutritional life.  Most of the time, the standard store bought piece of fruit would actually be a detriment to your diet t’were it not for the **** to of fiber in the skin, and the calories that keep you going.

This goes the same for meats and byproducts.  Farm raised pork, beef, and chicken have the animals being raised without steroids, or in ways cruel or unkind .  This kind of thing is much more expensive, due to the fact that farms will have less space due to the better living conditions and the fact that the farmers have to pay more attention themselves, without the use of many machines.

Kobe Beef, which is the most expensive beef, is raised in a way that would be labeled organic, if it weren’t for the fact that all of the Tajima-ushi cows are treated this way.  :3

Recently, Shadow made a blog asking for tips on which fish he should eat to really break into the habit.  I saw a lot of (if not most) people mentioning Tilapia.  Inui mentioned that Tilapia is a major mainstay.  This is true mainly because the fish is bred in captivity, in America. The fish is native to African waters, and is majorly farmed in China, and the northern regions of Africa.

Because of this, America breeds this fish in an unnatural habitat, and is generally enhanced through the use of steroids, and the diet is low grade.  This type of Tilapia has a amazingly high fat content, and I don’t recommended anyone to eat it, unless the  restaurant can assure you it’s fresh, and imported.

Otherwise, it’s basically bull****.

Back on the subject of diets, you’ll always see these fancyshamncy weightloss methods being spammed on TV.  South Beach, atkins, all that ****.  Please listen to me:


Even if it’s working, it’s slowly killing you, as you’re depriving your body of the nutrients and fuel it needs for it to function properly.   The key to any diet is:  Low in saturated fats, a mild amount of sodium, 12-1600 calories a day, and for ****’s sake get the **** out of the chair.  It’s really that simple!   The problem is, TV has got you thinking that you’re gonna lose 40 pounds in a week by slamming down some infomercials milkshakes, while you sit on your *** and watch reruns of Batman from like the 40s or whatever.  Adam West got fit by not being a lazy ****bag.  Seriously, you can do almost anything and still lose weight.

Playing a fighting game?  Do 5 pushups or situps before you start each game.  Bring shoes to a tourney and run around the venue a few times.   Working out is strenuous, but it definitely gets easier.  You might be able to run only a quarter mile now, but in a week, if you do it every day, I bet you can find yourself running further, and for much longer.

In closing:  Stop eating like a ****ing slob.  That **** takes bad, and you’re ugly because of it.




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